Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fashion411...Rumor or is it True?

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Could Kate Moss be heading to TV?
Though One Direction clearly didn’t need any help in the style department, that doesn’t mean other British X Factor contestants don’t and rumor has it producer Simon Cowell wants to bring on supermodel and style icon Kate Moss to help them out.
A “show insider” apparently told UK tabloid The Mirror that, following poor ratings, Simon Cowell is considering bringing on Moss to refresh the show. “Kate could give the contestants advice and ideas on how they want to look and also how to look after themselves and still look great in the years ahead.”
Granted, this rumor is coming from a less than credible outlet, and Kate Moss, while stylish, has never been a stylist, but we have the feeling that–on the off chance this is true–her role would not just be behind the scenes.
Which is another reason this seems unlikely. Moss has never been one for talking on camera or even giving interviews. On the other hand, she has been a little less press shy lately (take this Vanity Fair interview for instance), did that guest spot on Absolutely Fabulous, and now has a documentary in the works. Plus, there have probably never been more models on television than there are now, so who knows? Even if Moss declines, we wouldn’t be surprised if another big modeling name ended up on the show instead.

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